Boston first, and now Chicago. The Duello ai Fornelli, a culinary challenge among students of the most prestigious American universities, lands in the Midwest from the East Coast. The first edition of the cooking duel took place in 2015, at the behest of the Consulate General of Italy in Boston, organized by the Dante Alighieri School. The challenge has involved, since then, students from Boston University, Harvard, MIT and Northeastern University.

The first Chicago edition of the Duello ai Fornelli is about to take place, and it will be the kickoff event of the Week of Italian Cuisine, an increasingly important appointment coordinated and promoted by the General Consulate of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago. The International Italian School Enrico Fermi (SIEF) in Chicago is organizing the event, with the participation of teams of students from five renowned universities of the Windy City: DePaul University, Loyola University Chicago, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. The teams will face the challenge of preparing the best Risotto al Prosecco, proving that it is possible to eat well, Italian style, even if you are a university student!

The best Risotto will be chosen by a very diverse and accomplished jury, including sponsors of the event, such as Eataly Chicago, as well as a star chef like Giuseppe Tentori, exceptional restaurateurs like Jo DeMonte, representatives of the Italian-American community, such as Liza Turano, and representatives of the Accademia della Cucina Italiana, such as Prof. Clara Orban. The event will take place on November 8, 2019, in Wicker Park, on the premises of SIEF, the Italian International School in Chicago, founded in 2016 as the third Italian school in the United States after The Guglielmo Marconi School in New York and “La Scuola” in San Francisco. The choice of location is not random. Indeed SIEF strives to educate young citizens of the world who are fluent in at least two languages, are comfortable with two cultures, and fully appreciate the traditional Italian attention and care for quality cuisine and excellent food. At lunch time at SIEF you will not find sandwiches eaten on the run…lunch is a true Italian affair, with everyone, teachers and students seated at the table, set with real tablecloths, plates and glasses and, above all, with fresh, healthy, diversified food, naturally inspired by the Mediterranean Diet. Eating well is an important part of SIEF’s education goals, carefully implemented by the dedication of SIEF’s teachers, and made possible by the generous support of Eataly Chicago. Eataly has endorsed SIEF and the school’s goals since the very beginning, providing daily tailored made dishes for all of SIEF’s children who, without any doubt, are the luckiest students in North America!

Chicago, 5 November 2019

For info:

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SIEF – Scuola italiana Internazionale Enrico Fermi -

Scuola Italiana Enrico Fermi (SIEFchicago) is the first Italian American International School in the greater Chicago area. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, the school opened its early childhood education program with full day preschool for 3 and 4 year-old in September 2016, in Wicker Park – Bucktown neighborhoods of Chicago, Illinois. In 2018 SIEF opened its first kindergarten class. Scuola Italiana Enrico Fermi plans to expand with each subsequent year up to 8th grade


Link to the event “Duello ai Fornelli”:

Partners and Sponsors:

Italian General Consulate in Chicago –

Italian Institute of Culture in Chicago

Italian-American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago and Ciao Chicago

Eataly, Barilla, Ferrero Nutella Cafe, Mionetto, Rana e Smeraldina

Universita’ che partecipano all’iniziativa:

DePaul University, Loyola University Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo – 4° week of the Italian Cuisine in the World


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At the Javits Center, August 10-14
Italy is featured at NY NOW, the lifestyle trade show held in New York, from August 10 to 14. NY NOW is HOME, LIFESTYLE and HANDMADE collections, 2,500 exhibitors, 400 product categories.

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Gran Gala’ del Gran Premio Internazionale di Venezia

Premiati personaggi illustri del mondo della Cultura dell’Arte e dell’Imprenditoria Italiana nella Prestigiosa “Sala Polifunzionale’’ all’interno dello storico  “Palazzo della Regione del Veneto”.

Un orgoglio tutto italiano quello che torna a splendere al Palazzo della Regione Veneto.

Una giornata dedicate al  made in Italy quella del “Leone d’Oro per L’imprenditoria”, prestigiosa rassegna collaterale del Gran Premio Internazionale di Venezia, che dal 1947 premia l’eccellenza umana in tutte le sue declinazioni. Dal cinema al teatro, passando per le relazioni internazionali, il premio ha toccato alcune delle fasi decisive della nostra storia contemporanea, premiando le figure che hanno contribuito a scriverla.

Nomi illustri e personalità dello spettacolo, dell’industria e della politica internazionale  premiati nella magnifica cornice del “Palazzo della Regione Veneto” .

Premio Leone d’Oro all’imprenditore Ciro Casella

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If one decides to venture on Santa Monica Boulevard between Gardner Street and Normandie Avenue, in the month of June, anytime between the hours of 10:30am and 2am, one would most likely stumble upon crowds of bizarrely costumed and undeniably sweaty crowds, ready to either perform or watch their third – or thirteenth – stage show of the day. This madness is the Hollywood Fringe Festival, now in its tenth year. Among the more than four hundred shows of the festival, there is one play that stands out as deliciously disturbing, extravagant and utterly relevant – and that is Red Bar.

This show catapults the audience in the middle of a support group, much like Al Anon – but for serial killers. The audience learns quickly that the members of this secret society are basically regular people, who one day couldn’t take it anymore and “slipped”. They are flawed, sure, but no more than anyone else, right? This show seems to suggest just that and it does a scary great job at convincing you as well.

As you enter the Bar and begin the journey of recovery with newcomer Trash (Ramon Guzman), you learn about other fascinating veteran members, such as Hallie, (Jeremiah Ripley), Wheels (Veronica Maccari), Twitch (Ian Price), Maw Maw (Heidi Appe), Jug (Meghan Maddigan) Jessie (Sedona Vivirito), Lizzie (Brittany Gutheim) and Bart (Machael Lea). This cast gives a brilliant performance, bouncing off the walls – literally, at times – with their peculiar personalities, quips and quirks. The show is extremely stylized, with influences from View Points and the Suzuki method. However, the actors succeed in portraying their characters in a grounded, truthful way, despite the highly eccentric staging. Highlights of the cast were Jeremiah Ripley, Michael Lea and Veronica Maccari for their rich and complex portrayals of surprisingly humane murderers.

This hauntingly beautiful play is helmed by long-time Fringe director and producer Benny Lumpkins, who decided to bring Scott Ewing’s play to the Hollywood Fringe after seeing its successful production at the Nugget Fringe Festival, in Grass Valley, California. Lumpkins’ body of work is popular among theater aficionados for his experimental delivery that tosses the traditional idea of “proper” theater out the window. Previous credits include Ishmael, Fuck you Jason! Or Medea by Euripides and Polyshamory.

At the Hollywood Fringe Festival the most daring artists of the greater LA area and beyond (some productions come all the way from Europe) bring their finest work to the single most important theater festival in Los Angeles. If you want to be delightfully spooked go watch this festival gem at the LGBT Center Davidson Valenti Theater for the last performances of Red Bar. More info at

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The rosé wines of Apulia enjoy great success in the Big Apple

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