The Green Fit is a learning format: its objective is to sensitize, educate and train American consumers to adopt a “green line” for a good life!

This is all owing to products that make up the so-called “basket of the Mediterranean diet.”

According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control, 39.8% of adults and 20.6% teenagers in the United States are obese. Among children ages 6 to 11, 18.4% are obese, while for those ages 2 to 5, the percentage is 13.9%.

The rate of obesity in teenagers has increased 33% from 2000 to 2016, and approximately 30% in adults. The highest percentage of obese people (42.8%) is recorded among middle-aged people (40-59 years old) and affects more African Americans and Latin Americans than Caucasians and Asians.

These are the highest percentage ever recorded in the U.S. “It’s difficult to be optimistic at It’s difficult to be optimistic at this point,” said Dr. Frank Hu, chair of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. “The trend of obesity has been steadily increasing in both children and adults despite many public health efforts to improve nutrition and physical activity.”

Between 2000 and 2016, the rate of obesity in adults over 20 climbed from 30.5% to 39.8%, while in the age group from 1-19, it went from 13.9% to 18.5%. In total, approximately 70% of Americans are obese or overweight. There is no significant difference between men and women in any age group.

The Green Fit is a learning format, conceived and created by GP Communications North America Inc. and produced by Filippo Berio

It includes:

Cooking shows, seminars, meetings with the press, buyers, stakeholders and institutions, a dedicated portal , a social channel.

 The project coordinator is North American CEO of Filippo Berio and board member of the North America Olive Oil Association, Marco de Ceglie.

 Partnering in the initiative are Cucine Scavolini, which with host the learning events in its showrooms, Chef Andrea Zanin, who will created a special menu, nutritionist Lucrezia Scarampi, who will produce the “green food health” content, a guide for American consumers.

 “We are what we eat, and if we eat badly, our body suffers the consequences,” states Marco de Ceglie, project coordinator, North American CEO of Filippo Berio, and board member of the North America Olive Oil Association.

BAD can mean too much, but also foods that are overly complex, not natural, excessively processed or, even synthetic.

GOOD,” de Ceglie continues, “lies in their natural quality, simplicity and needs not be synonymous with costly and elitist, as we are often led to believe.

With The Green Fit,”de Ceglie concludes, “we can explain to Americans in simple terms how it is possible to eat well and within everyone’s reach. However, we need to spread and amplify our message and, for this to happen, the support of the authorities and media is essential.”

 The subject of The Green Fit is particularly pertinent in order to change the American diet, also known as SAD (Standard American Diet), for the better, starting right from childhood,” states nutritionist Lucrezia Scarampi.“With the Mediterranean diet, chronic health risks such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease can be prevented, all of this,” Lucrezia Scarampi concludes,“with the enjoyment of eating well.”

 “Wellness and healthy leaving is a priority in Scavolini: Paying attention to functionality and quality of the material we use when we design a new product:, is embedded in our DNA.

Top quality products effect the use of the space and it’s enjoyment, improving naturally the comfort of our lifestyle – states Daniele Busca Creative director ad Brand Ambassador Scavolini USA

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The art of perfection. Preserved for your table

European preserved tomatoes landed in New York and Chicago!

July 1, 2019 – New York – NY – RED GOLD FROM EUROPE! ANICAV – the Italian Association of Canned Tomatoes Producers – representing the world’s finest European preserved (canned) tomatoes, grown under the Mediterranean sun and produced in Italy by time-honored methods, hosted a series of tomato-sauced events in New York City and Chicago, supported by the European Union.

Not a specific brand—RED GOLD FROM EUROPE is an EU (European Union) program to raise awareness and knowledge of the excellence of EU canned tomatoes. RED for the rich, ripe color of the tomato, GOLD for their high quality, precious nature, the gold standard of tomatoes. When you taste European tomatoes you are tasting the very essence of what a tomato should (and could) be.

RED GOLD FROM EUROPE! was at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2019, New York City with daily cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs and samplings of the tomato-y delicacies they whipped up. The program also sponsored Tomato Land Restaurant Weeks—at selected restaurants in NYC and Chicago which offered a tasting menu of special dishes and recipes, showcasing our delicious tomatoes.

Here are more details of what went on.

2019 Summer Fancy Food Show, June 23-24-25, Javits Convention Center, NYC
The Fancy Food Show, produced by the Specialty Food Association, is a global marketplace, held twice a year: Winter in San Francisco, Summer in NYC, gathering the most exciting and best food products from all over the world, available in the USA. We were so excited to be there, promoting the unique taste and versatility of our tomatoes to retail buyers, restaurant owners, chefs, and journalists!
Over 2.000 visitors visited us at Booth #2628 and had the chance to taste each day a variety of tomato-y dishes that our chef Massimiliano Convertini and his team from the highly esteemed Federation of Italian Chefs in New York cooked up for them.
On Sunday, June 23 Red Gold from Europe also awarded the sustainability prize at the Italian Awards while on Monday, June 24 Red Gold from Europe was proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Front Burner Foodservice Pitch Competition: Four food-luminary judges, three finalists and one lucky winner!

Tomato Land Restaurant Weeks 2019, NYC and Chicago
NEW YORK CITY, June 21-27
Over 4.000 customers enjoyed Sicilian Couscous with tomato brodetto, Tuscan Pappa Pomodoro, super savory meatballs in a rich tomato ragu and much more such as delectable Pasta alla Norma and tempting Arancini served at Il Gattopardo, Mozzarella e Vino, Amarone and The Leopard at Des Artistes. They all made special appearances.
CHICAGO, June 25-July 1
Fabulous pizza, eggplant rolls filled with ricotta and sauced with tomato, a zippy mussel and tomato stew, or a delicious classic with a twist – Spaghetti with rustic tomato sauce cooked in a silver saucepan; these are among the dishes our Chicago restaurants – Spacca Napoli Pizzeria, Casati’s Pizza Vino, Di Maggio Restaurant & Cafè, Munno Pizzeria & Bistro – simmered up for over 5.000 customers!

Our fields will continue to grow, our tomatoes to ripen, and we will be back in 2020 for the Winter Fancy Food in San Francisco, the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, the NRA (National Restaurant Show) in Chicago, the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC and with more Restaurant Weeks in Miami and Las Vegas.


For a Press Kit, as well as a selection of our delicious, tomato-y Recipes, visit our website:

Enjoy– it’s from Europe!


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instagram redgoldfromeurope


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Discover Italy as the top destination for your investments!
These are the opening words of the tweet made by ICE Canada to present INVEST IN ITALY: OPEN FOR BUSINESS to a public of Canadian investors.
A conference dedicated to attracting investments in Italy which will take place June 10 in the KPMG conference room at the Bay Adelaide Centre in Toronto.
The goal of this business-to-business event is to promote the Italian market as a natural hub for Canadian investments, due to such factors as strong trade ties, preferred relationships and the role of a highly advanced economy.
ICE Canada will present a series of programs and concrete investment opportunities – with a specific focus on logistics and infrastructure, life sciences and the real estate market – aimed at Canadian companies and professionals who are interested in exploring what Italy has to offer.
Important banking groups are expected to participate, such as the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and ICSavings, as are public and private investment funds, including, among others, Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), insurance companies like Manulife, universities like Ryerson University, as well as networks of professionals such as BDO Global and Gowling WLG.

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May 20 to 23, at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, High Tech Italy will be featured with 19 companies at one of the most important innovation and technology events in the world, which will be held in Canada for the very first time.

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Thursday, January 31 at the Italian Trade Agency office 

The upper echelon of the Italian audiovisual industry met the press and opinion makers in the Big Apple to present a preview of the 2019 investment plan created by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and ICE Audiovisual and dedicated to the U.S. market.

This was an opportunity to illustrate all the measures that the Italian government will provide in order to develop the Made in Italy audiovisual industry, and in particular to create international partnerships, aimed at strengthening the internationalization of the Italian audiovisual industry.

Participating speakers at the event were:

Maurizio Forte
Director of the ICE Agency in New York and Coordinator of the USA network

Roberto Stabile
ICE Audiovisual Desk Coordinator

Chiara Sbarigia
APT General Manager

Paolo Genovese

 MiBAC and ICE will allocate substantial resources to activities in the U.S. with an entire series of activities dedicated to this sector, for example:

Kidscreen in Miami February 11-14

The Kidscreen Summit is considered the most important annual event in the children’s entertainment industry. This year there will be a large pavilion set up to welcome the main Italian animation companies.

Italian Television Meets Hollywood On February 27, in Los Angeles, in cooperation with APT (Italian Television Producers Association), ICE will organize a meeting at the Paley Center (House of Broadcasters) between the main Italian TV production companies and their American colleagues. These meetings will include the presence of the most important U.S. broadcasters along with the main platforms, to discuss co-production projects and look into new opportunities for collaboration.

American Film Market in Los Angeles November 6-13, 2019, will repeat the now customary Lounge Italia, which welcomes and supports the main sellers of Italian audiovisual products, during their presence at what is the main audiovisual marketing event in the world.

Focus USA: In Venice, during the Venice Film Festival (the oldest festival in the world), the General Directorate of Film at the Italian Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the MPA (Motion Picture Association) will organize a focus group where the New European Digital Market will also be discussed.

Also in Venice, on the occasion of Focus China, organized by DG Cinema with the MPA and the CFCC (China Film Coproduction Corporation), there will be a day of meetings between the U.S. and China, called Italy, a bridge between US and China.


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