Thursday, January 31 at the Italian Trade Agency office 

The upper echelon of the Italian audiovisual industry met the press and opinion makers in the Big Apple to present a preview of the 2019 investment plan created by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and ICE Audiovisual and dedicated to the U.S. market.

This was an opportunity to illustrate all the measures that the Italian government will provide in order to develop the Made in Italy audiovisual industry, and in particular to create international partnerships, aimed at strengthening the internationalization of the Italian audiovisual industry.

Participating speakers at the event were:

Maurizio Forte
Director of the ICE Agency in New York and Coordinator of the USA network

Roberto Stabile
ICE Audiovisual Desk Coordinator

Chiara Sbarigia
APT General Manager

Paolo Genovese

 MiBAC and ICE will allocate substantial resources to activities in the U.S. with an entire series of activities dedicated to this sector, for example:

Kidscreen in Miami February 11-14

The Kidscreen Summit is considered the most important annual event in the children’s entertainment industry. This year there will be a large pavilion set up to welcome the main Italian animation companies.

Italian Television Meets Hollywood On February 27, in Los Angeles, in cooperation with APT (Italian Television Producers Association), ICE will organize a meeting at the Paley Center (House of Broadcasters) between the main Italian TV production companies and their American colleagues. These meetings will include the presence of the most important U.S. broadcasters along with the main platforms, to discuss co-production projects and look into new opportunities for collaboration.

American Film Market in Los Angeles November 6-13, 2019, will repeat the now customary Lounge Italia, which welcomes and supports the main sellers of Italian audiovisual products, during their presence at what is the main audiovisual marketing event in the world.

Focus USA: In Venice, during the Venice Film Festival (the oldest festival in the world), the General Directorate of Film at the Italian Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the MPA (Motion Picture Association) will organize a focus group where the New European Digital Market will also be discussed.

Also in Venice, on the occasion of Focus China, organized by DG Cinema with the MPA and the CFCC (China Film Coproduction Corporation), there will be a day of meetings between the U.S. and China, called Italy, a bridge between US and China.


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The Italian Pavilion is once again the big star at this year’s California show

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The UNCA celebrates its 70th anniversary and does so with an outdoor party in the UN’s Glass Palace garden on June 26th.

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Made in Italy takes the stage in Chicago brought to the windy city by the Orgoglio Brescia Consortium

The Tree of Life with 21 million visitors at Expo and online was the great gateway towards international recognition for the Industry Consortium “Orgoglio Brescia.” Now the new wonder brought by the association of Brescian companies is called Leosphere and it attests to their international ambitions.

A wooden sphere, 45 meters high, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s studies, will emerge in downtown Chicago in 2018 to celebrate through art the 45th anniversary of the twinning of Chicago and Milan.

Created by Florian Boje, this work represents the meeting, cross-contamination and dialogue between Italian ingenuity and American technology.

The Chicago mission, sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, was organized and coordinated with Joseph Monastero CO/ CHAIR Sister Cities International Milan Committee, Francesca Parvizyar CO/ CHAIR Sister Cities International Milan Committee and Robert Allegrini Vice President Corporate Communications – The Americas HILTON, with the support of the Italian Trade Agency of Chicago and the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago.

A scale model of Leosphere will be on display from November 17 to January 7 at The Mart, the largest merchandising building in the world, with 372,000 square meters of space, an icon of the Windy City.

The work will be exhibited in a very prime location, on the ground floor of the building, in the Ernesto Meda Space.

The Orgoglio Brescia Consortium is comprised of 18 highly specialized companies and is led by Paolo Franceschetti.

Brescia is the second manufacturing province in Europe. It has a greater number of exports (in percentage) than the Italian average, huge technological potential and all the numbers to become the city of large works like these.


“We believe that only truly great, truly unique projects can be appreciated and valued at an international level,” states the President of the Orgoglio Brescia Consortium, Paolo Franceschetti. “Today we represent a one-of-a-kind project,” continues Franceschetti“It is our ambition to furnish the world with our mega structures, which are imposing installations – an outdoor museum.
In the era of Google maps, the Orgoglio Brescia Consortium prefers to create and install works in the most important cities in the world. The dream,”
 concluded President Franceschetti“is to have a global circuit of history, culture and technology that see the works of Orgoglio Brescia as the new ‘destination pointers.’”

“We left Milan for Expo with a work inspired by Michelangelo’s Renaissance, the Tree of Life,” declares the National Vice President of Small Industry in the Industry Association and project team leader Giancarlo Turati“We are now stopping in Chicago with a large work inspired by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, Leosphere, which will open by Columbus Day 2018.
Orgoglio Brescia is much more than a business project,” 
continues Vice President Turati. “It’s a cultural and business message.
Thanks to the creation and installation of such imposing, spectacular mega structures, we want to call attention to the district of Brescia which has always been on the cutting edge.”

“The twinning of Chicago and Milan is the tangible demonstration of the strength and concrete nature of an event like Expo 2015, which united peoples and ideas,” declares Francesca Parvizyar CO/ CHAIR Sister Cities International Milan Committee. Our project, which began at that time in Milan, has seen us working busily these last two years to give concreteness and value to a partnership which further strengthens the bond between the United States and Italy. The Leosphere project is the symbol of Italian concreteness and ingenuity; the city of Chicago, the symbol of welcoming and vision.

“Chicago is preparing for the 45th anniversary of its twinning with Milan in the best way possible,” declares Joseph Monastero CO/ CHAIR Sister Cities International Milan Committee“Leosphere is the symbol of this extraordinary initiative,” continues Monastero, “but it will also be a great work for the whole world. We’d like to thank the Orgoglio Brescia consortium for its work, its ingenuity and its foresight.”

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