About us

Italy celebrates terrific successes in home and abroad, and day by day it achieves the top of places of culture of the world. All of this is contained in Benvenuta Italia, a communication format which let people know emerging and accomplished artists, trends, ideas, of a country which represents an example of art, innovation, culture and technology. Benvenuta Italia’s essence is on the connection between high standing events and the presence of a website constantly updated.

As our country, Benvenuta Italia is continuously in progress thanks to its website www.benvenutaitalia.com in which there will be updates, news and insights on what happens in Italian and worldwide culture.

Readers, users and guests of Benvenuta Italia are part of a target which know in advance all new emerging trends about art, culture and style. They are opinion leaders on social and professional relations; they are consumers, with critical and conscious spirit. They know all in&out, in line with their lifestyle, loving both luxury and emerging brands.