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NYC-Site.com: when passion and devotion for Big Apple become a must on the web

New York. Passion and devotion. These are the simple ingredients that more than ten years ago allowed the first Italian site dedicated to the Big Apple to come to life. Everything started from an idea of Giampietro Dedola, an Italian young man who had an impressive admiration for this city that he had known only through movies, books and video documentaries. His dream was one day to buy a ticket and be able to see with his own eyes all those things previously only imagined with the vivid fantasy of who for too long wanted to walk on those streets and get lost looking at the most amazing skyscrapers.

In 1998 the Internet had just entered the homes of most Italians, the journey began then. A new research resource to investigate knowledge and perhaps share it with everyone with the same passion. Back then, the Internet had still little to offer on this topic, especially for the Italian market. There was one solution to the problem: create an interactive website that would include everything that until then had been locked inside a boy’s mind. Photos, real travelers’ stories, sightseeing descriptions, places to see. Everything was new flowing online for the first time, available to everyone. With a few mouse clicks one could reach New York from the comfort of their home, sharing dreams and inspirations. From that moment NYC-Site.com was officially born and grew thanks to the support of people who believed in such project by sharing their passion. And with that same passion and initiative the website has continued his mission over the past 13 years to share every perspective with pros and cons of a multisided city such as New York.

The strength of the site is to enable the user of sharing experiences and discover a new New York every time he browse the site. Over the years the sites counts on a loyal community, long before Facebook or other social networks took off. It is an unlimited resource of suggestions, experiences offering blogs where the users’ questions are addressed with personalized answers. This feature is fundamental both for experienced and first time travelers planning a trip. This way New York is not far anymore, everyone can reach it through the stories and exciting adventures of who has been already there.

«The main goal of NYC-Site.com is to tell New York, in a globalization world so that its memories and lives are shared among people. This was the challenge we undertook since the first page was published on the web. The site was strong even during and after the September 11th as we continued to support New York City website when it was difficult to do so. We are proud of our efforts to keep up with the same enthusiasm and passion of the first day».

NYC-Site.com is the most comprehensive resource dedicated to New York one can find on the web. Created by people who love this city and want to reach out to others, the site offers all the information that is necessary beforehand when the user is organizing his own vacation in New York. One can book flights, hotel accommodations, city tours or Broadway shows. All about New York is now available one click away, is free and fun!

Giovanni Pellerito

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