Benvenuta italia street

On the occasion of the 2012 Olympic games, Goodwin’s Court, the oldest and most symbolic postal address in London (1627), a real gem in the very heart of London, was transformed into “Benvenuta Italia Street”. The event, dedicated to the outstanding talents that have contributed to, and continue to raise, the level of Italy’s renowned name the world over, was conceived and produced by Dr Giovanni Pellerito in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute in London and under the high Patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture.  From the 4th to the 11th of August, that is, during the highlight week of the 2012 Olympic Games, Goodwin’s Court became a real pole of attraction rolling the red carpet for “Made in Italy”. Everything started on the 5th of August with “Italy of Cinecittà”, a tribute to the great Italian cinema paid with the help of gigantic replicas of Gianni Li Muli’s satirical portraits, an artist known all over the world who exhibited at New York’s MoMa. An event called “Italian Food and Beverage – a journey into the secrets of the Italian regional cuisine, recipes and stories of the traditional Italian cuisine at Goodwin’s Court” was organised on the 7th of August. The day after, the exhibition called “Positivity – Italy starts again and competes”         was entirely dedicated to the new brand “Piacere Modena”, that represents 400 companies of the manufacturing district of Modena with a global turnover of about 1 billion Euro. This event paid            homage to the manufacturing area of Modena of the Italian          Region of Emilia Romagna. This project, created and donated by TrendEventi Ltd, producer of the Benvenuta Italia event, with the active collaboration of “Piacere Modena”, and its director general Dr Ermi Bagni, aimed to represent an act of love, attention and patriotism to brands and manufacturers that have always honoured the Italian style in the world. One of the best Italian chefs, Pino Ragona, who has been a landmark in the Italian culinary tradition for over fifty years in London and has signed many international dinners at Buckingham Palace, was the culinary guide of the event. On the 10th of August, a press event focused on the excellence of Italy took place at the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrave Square, with great public success and critical acclaim. Special guests and internationally renowned journalists attended the event, first of all Dr Antonio Caprarica, an important RAI journalist who also attended the dinner offered by the manufacturing district of Modena. Great satisfaction for the “Patron” of the event Benvenuta Italia Street, creator and Executive Director of the Format Benvenuta Italia, Dr Giovanni Pellerito: «We are very proud to have brought the “Made in Italy” to such a magical place like London on the occasion of the Olympic Games.This experience was a stream of emotions relationships and work: “Made in Italy” -said Pellerito – is still the best driver for the recovery and revival of our country, and communication operations such as Benvenuta Italia, with its success, provide clear evidence of this».

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