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Sicily exports wine and imports producers. There are many famous people among them. And the passion for Sicilian white, red, fortified and sparkling wines is contagious. In the last years, music and movie stars bought lands in the Island and after a testing period they started bottling their products to give friends and relative as a gift, but sometimes also to sell, with good results. The passion for Sicilian wine involves singers, actors and stylists. The world  of fashion is represented by Ottavio Missoni, that bought some vineyards in Sicily. Red like the wine he produces is the singer of Simply Red, Mick Hucknall, that visited the “Vinitaly” also as owner of a little company that bottles Nero D’Avola. Fascinated by Sicily is also the actress Carole Bouquet, enchanted by the beautiful island of Pantelleria, to the point to buy about ten years ago with her former partner Gerard Depardieu, a little property in Contrada Serraglia        to start the production of Passito (The “Passito of Carole”).        In 2005, after they split up, Carole started also cultivating olives and capers. But another VIP could soon land in Sicily: the famous American director Francis Ford Coppola. According to the American magazine “Hollywood Star”,        he seems to be interested to the purchase of “Cantine Florio”, a historic Sicilian company. Just a fancy? Not, just for money. The director declared in fact, in a few words, that the wine production is more gainful than to be a director: «I changed my life thanks to the wine – he said in an interview – Luckly people drinks always the same, while the audience is always uncertain». The same liking for Sicilian island has the director of “The Gladiator” Ridlely Scott, too. Seeking of vineyards, he could particularly focus on a property at the slopes of Etna Mountain, where a native, very fine wine is alread produced: the “Lavico”, a fruity and bright red wine.

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