Italia Me Too

There is a thing that all the world envies Italy: its ability to create, with a unique and not replicable style, products that only the Italian genius can think of creating. More easily, all of this has always been known as “Made in Italy”. But what does Made in Italy mean? Made in Italy is strong and undisputed reputation of thousands of small business owners which always pursue total quality. Companies that in order to maintain the quality standards give all their energy and resources, by knowing that to excel in an increasingly globalized and replicated world it is needed the uniqueness typical Italian ingenuity. Then some entrepreneurs have decided to enclose some “excellent” in a brand called “”talia me too” made for you.

The goal of Italia Me Too is to bring to the world’ eyes the niche businesses that produce and create unique products for style, workmanship, design and creativity. Today we present The houses of Italia Me Too, made by Italian architects, with Italian products and Italian craftsmen. Home living taste Italian, Italian style as a lifestyle choice, eat, sleep and live Italian. This is the emotion that you live in the houses Italia Me Too. Today, thanks to Italy Me Too, these quality products will have the opportunity to come into contact with many lovers of “Making Italian” in the world, thanks to its relations and its marketing initiatives. Italy Me Too, wants “to live” a little bit of Italy to the many in the world who feed this desire.

Italia Me Too: a section dedicated to the excellence of the Italian products

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