The best of Italy

The crème de la crème of Italy – that which meets with earth-shaking success both at home and abroad, and that day after day carves its path against the backdrop of cultural venues the world over – is captured between the covers of Benvenuta Italia, a genuine format of communication that gets up close and personal with men and women, noted persons, and emerging or seasoned artists, as well as exploring the places, trends, and ideas of a country that is ever increasingly an icon of art and innovation. Benvenuta Italia’s essence lies in the tie between events of the highest standing, the publication of a prestigious bilingual (Italian – English) quarterly, and a constantly updated web portal. The last issue of Benvenuta Italia had the exclusive address of the Ambassador of Italy to the United States, Claudio Bisogniero. Last 12th April in Washington, after the presentation in advance of the magazine, he declared: «The “Year of the Italian Culture in the USA” has been achieving resounding success . We are offering more than 200 events in over 50 American towns. And the fact that a magazine like Benvenuta Italia has decided to pay great attention to the initiative makes me very glad». This issue of Benvenuta Italia will be dedicated again to “2013 – Year of the Italian Culture in the USA”, event strongly wanted by the President of Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, and by President Obama. Like our country itself, Benvenuta Italia constantly evolves thanks to its web portal,, into which constantly updated news and additional in-depth information on everything that Italian and international culture produces as proof of progress will be streamed. A magazine with recherché graphics that are always steeped in a particular context and linked to a prestigious, itinerant event and to a web portal of reference, this publication is a format geared towards a highly selected target. Benvenuta Italia’s readership, users, and guests make up that target, receiving the initial scoop on new emerging trends in the spheres of art, culture, and style. Benvenuta Italia’s main innovation rests in each issue’s being launched simultaneously with a prestigious event on an international level in one of the world’s capitals of culture like London and New York, soon to be followed by other major international cities like Rome, Moscow and Dubai. Not only will the magazine be distributed during the events to which it is connected and dedicated, but it will also be available at major international cultural events, in the embassies and the headquarters of Italian and foreign ministries, and in the most important VIP lounges of the international airports. Benvenuta Italia’s mission is that of fascinating the reader with the most fascinating product in the world: ITALY! And so, BENVENUTI IN ITALIA!

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