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International financing company was founded in May 1981, in the county of Queens, in upstate New York. Ever since the inception has maintained relationships with the best and most important banks in America. The company mission is to assist entrepreneurs, companies and governments in the development of projects through the knowledge and expertise of alliances and relations holding company. The company has been present in Latin America, was among the first international financial institutions to believe in the potential of South America. We spoke with Erio Cavalieri CEO of International Funding Company.

Growth, development, investment, these are the keywords that describe the philosophy of the International Funding Company. We have examined the subject with its founder who willingly responded to some of our questions.

What criteria do PE firms look to when investing in companies?
All firms are different and in a lot of cases look for the investments their clients are most interested in. In the INTERNATIONAL FUNDING COMPANY’s case, our focus is LATINAMERICA. Countries with proven Government track records of supporting foreign investment. Then within those countries we use a strict protocol to evaluate each opportunity in the areas we focus on… the Mining, Construction, Infra-Structures, Sports, and Commodities areas. Just to name a few.

What Italian companies have you worked with in the past and in which particular sectors?
There we have found to be most attractive to the Italian market as of late is Mining. In the interest of preserving confidentiality which we are bound by we will not name companies.

Which characteristics/corporate protocols should Italian companies focus on to be more attractive to PE Investors?
USA is a very unique market with a long history. Companies must be in touch with what makes them unique in USA, as well as unique to the global market. Today’s investor is more informed then any time in our history. With a computer and internet connection they can access information. So be present in that medium. Have a cost effective strategy on how to use today’s technology to reach people you could have not have reached in the past. Of course, most important is to run the company in a sensible way. Have your accounting in order FIRST. Be transparent, allowing people to touch, feel, smell you company even from 1000 miles away. Get your company name out in front of the right people and use a momentum that momentum to build on top of.

What recommendations would you make to the CEO of an Italian company should they decide to enter a developed market such as the American one?
Fortunately there are many examples. Italy’s history speaks for itself. Learn from master of the past. America is always open for business. Entering the market can seem a large task. But, there are many people you can contact in America who are willing to lend advice. On a micro level… Chose the right entry point. Do not over expand or move too quickly. In the end the strongest and most organized respond. Business is about calculated risk. So look at the numbers and stay committed. Nothing is easy but with the right numbers and facts the job is more easily attainable.
One last recommendation is to look into the market that we have been working for over 32 years from New York, USA… is the growing opportunities that we at IFC are developing every day to bring opportunities to USA companies & vice versa. Partnership with INTERNATIONAL FUNDING COMPANY’s in this HUGE market. I am inviting our Italian friends to embrace the GLOBAL Market and we will be happy to explore with them in and from USA, as well the Global opportunities. Is a win, win opportunity!!!

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