Italy in the United States. Italy in all of us. The new portal of Italian culture in the United States is the legacy of, the official website of the Year of Italian Culture in the United States and a unique showcase of all the Italian cultural events taking place in the USA. A dynamic and evolving tool intended to serve as a reference point for users and local institutions, interact with our Facebook page “ITALY in U.S.”, twitter at hashtag #ITcultureUS, and the Youtube channels of our diplomatic network in the USA. The portal is easy to read and use, and is accessible in two languages (Italian and English). Three sections (for now!) are now consultable: ITALYinUS, EVENTS, and MEDIA GALLERY. ITALYinUS is the “who we are” section with the site’s philosophy and purpose. For those of you who are nostalgic about the year that just ended, it also gives access to the site created for 2013. EVENTS is the site’s core. Its interactive map allows you to use three different search tools. sectors (science and technology, art, music and theater, film and photography, language and literature, Italian brand and design); calendar: all Italian culture events scheduled anywhere in the USA on a specific date; and search events, which allows you to tailor your search by content, city, sector, month. MEDIA GALLERY is the container holding photos, press releases, and other informative materials. Whichever search tool you use, the events found come complete with title, place, date, description, photo, and location with map of the corresponding city. One button allows you to purchase tickets or confirm your attendance at RSVP events, another button takes you to the MEDIA GALLERY. There is more. has several projects in the works that will make the site even better. Italian Journeys, what U.S. museums hold Italian masterpieces of art; Discover Italy, a guide for Italophiles interested in different aspects of Italian culture – for example, In Italy Today provides information on events and exhibitions in Italy in the Performing Arts, Cinema, Fashion, and Literature; and Find Italian, a listing of language schools that offer courses in Italian. These are just some of the features you can access through the new gateway to Italian culture in the USA!

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