Italy-America Chamber of Commerce

YEX – young executives committe

Throughout its 126-year history, the Italy America Chamber of Commerce (IACC) has continuously responded to the demands of the evolving economy, and the needs of its member organizations through various innovative and forward-thinking initiatives. In this way, the Chamber’s administration has continued to offer value to its network of members by presenting them ample opportunity to grow professionally and expand their business network. 2010 was a particularly innovative year when the IACC founded the Women’s Forum (IACC/WF) and the Young Executives Committee (YEX). Both committees were created to complement the IACC’s core activities and initiatives, while offering additional support and business development opportunities to the businesswomen and young professionals in the IACC’s network. Businesswomen play a central role in businesses around the world. The Chamber thus created the IACC/WF with the mission to advance leadership across careers and cultures by connecting prominent businesswomen of significant and diverse achievement. The IACC/WF brings together businesswomen to exchange ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote better leadership for a changing world. The IACC/WF is committed to bettering global leadership today and cultivating the women leaders of tomorrow. The Young Executives Committee (YEX) of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce is an organization focused on networking and business development opportunities for Young Professionals in the greater New York area. Committed to training the leaders of tomorrow, the YEX Committee is governed by an administrative board of young business professionals that follow the example of, and answer to the IACC Board of Directors. Beyond a series of seminars and networking events, the YEX organizes a series of initiatives such as the YEX Internationalization Certificate, an educational program that presents a select group of YEX Members with an opportunity to learn from Presidents, CEO’s, CFO’s and Executives of the IACC’d professional network. Additionally, the “Unigiovane” program, which was developed in cooperation with Universities in Italy, aids the most qualified Italian students in finding working opportunities at member companies of the IACC in collaboration with Italian universities. Through the Women’s Forum and the Young Executives Committee, the IACC is proud to have developed the necessary tools to offer valuable business development opportunities to two pillars of its professional network base.

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