Brain drain, American dream, Italian excellences around the world.  These are the subjects about Elisa Simonelli wants to speak. She is an Italian Journalist and writer who’s battling against a common belief that Italy is a country where nowadays you have to escape from due to nepotism and favoritism at work; this behavior has escalade to a point where today’s young generations of Italians, when looking for a jobs, have even been described as “choosy”.  Simonelli, with a great career herself earned thanks to an “American” mentality and approach, asks herself if this isn’t the right time to write a book that gives encouragement to all Italians and young generations of Italians, by showing them that success is possible and within reach even in a system based on favoritism and partisanship. She published this book in Italian (Publisher Giulio Perrone) and some extracts in English (Publisher Galattica): “The country where anything is possible”.

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The book includes the lives of Dante Ferretti, scenographer, Bruno Vespa, journalist, Alessandro Piperno, writer and winner of Strega Prize, Elisabetta Volpe, young researcher, Mara Galeazzi, actress, Lorenzo Castore, young photographer. These real life stories are examples that show ideas and give cues on how individuals can find their own paths.

Elisa presented her book on April 29 at NYU – Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo’, enthusiastically introduced by its director Stefano Albertini. The event was moderated by Antonio Monda, professor at New York University’s  Tish School of the Arts. He is also a writer and correspondent for several Italian magazines and newspapers, and has recently been nominated director of the Rome Film Festival. Elisa Simonelli was invited also at Bea – Book Expo America and she will present her book at ITA – Italian Trade Agency of NYC –  for Italian Republic Day, on June 2 at 3.30pm.

“The country where anything is possible” tells about self-made Italians who have chosen to work and live in their ‘Bel Paese’, and are now lending hope to those who are just starting.

The book is inspired from Elisa Simonelli’s own experience.  A few years back at a mall near Rome, Elisa approached TV director Bruno Vespa of “Porta a Porta” asking him to work for his renowned TV program. Simonelli tells the story of Italians who, like her, were successful in their careers without the help of personal connections, family background or favors. The intent of this book is to raise awareness by showing life experiences, to be an inspiration for those who struggle every day to make ends meet, in the hope that they will not abandon their aspirations, let alone leave their homeland.

“The Country where anything is possible” offers its readers an optimistic view of the Italian population and country. It strongly highlights a can-do approach that Italians need to embrace despite where they live in. What make Italians unique are their perseverance, determination and cultural background. At a time when Italy is largely portrayed as a nation of finger-pointing and public disapproval comes a book that illustrates the positive aspects that distinguish this country from the rest of the world. A book dedicated to Italians that has chosen to stay and for those who left Italy. It is important to carry a positive message that circulates and spreads a positive image of such beautiful country, all Italians will definitely benefit from it. This book is especially dedicated to those Italians who are striving to achieve their life goals.

Elisa SimonelliElisa Simonelli, author of The Country where Anything is Possible, with a degree in Communication Sciences from Lumsa University, is a journalist, writer, and former correspondent for “Porta a Porta” – one of the most widely viewed TV news programs in Italy. Simonelli is publisher for several trade publications, and editor-in-chief at I.N.C. and GALATTICA publishing houses. She wrote an essay “Emozioni in diretta: i giovani preferiscono la televisione” (Emotions on-air: young generations prefer TV) (Franco Angeli, 2004) and several other stories and poetry anthologies published by Giulio Perrone Editore (2013; 2015).

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