Italy-America Chamber of Commerce

Sergio Mattarella, president of Italy, in New York

Sergio Mattarella

On February 10, 2016, prominent Italian and Italian American institutions in New York hosted a reception in honor of Sergio Mattarella, President of Italy, at the Guggenheim Museum. New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, was present for the event which marked Mr. Mattarella’s first visit to New York as President of the Italian Republic. The Italian President thanked the collective Italian and Italian American community for their warm welcome on the occasion of his first visit to the United States. President Mattarella emphasized that «the city of New York was a destination for fellow Italians in search of better living conditions than those offered in our country at the end of the 19th century and following both World Wars. America opened it’s doors, demonstrating that acceptance and integration represent the back bone of a society defined as democratic, free and powerful». The Consulate General of Italy in New York partnered with the Italy America Chamber of Commerce, Columbus Citizens Foundation, NIAF, ASILM, NOIAW, Conference of the Presidents of the Major Italian American Organizations, and Sons of Italy Foundation in organizing the event, in addition to corporate sponsors, UniCredit and Lavazza. «It was an honor for the Italy America Chamber of Commerce to contribute to the organization of this important institutional event for Italy» – declared IACC president, Alberto Milani- «President Mattarella’s presence in New York is not only a great pleasure for the entire Italian community, but also an inspiration to continue on our path to even greater success and crucial results. Today more than ever, the Italy America Chamber of Commerce plays a strategic role in the success of Italian companies in America –continued Milani- and in the words of President Mattarella who reaffirmed the close ties between Italy and USA, a direct result of political, economic and cultural unity, are representative of the IACC’s mission since 1887: to integrate Italian products and services in the largest world network, the United States of America».

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