The Boom of Made In Italy in American Fairs

There is an Italy that goes above and beyond, an Italy highly sought after and in demand, it is the Italy known for its export and International fairs. The Italy that everyone wants and imitates.

The International fair spaces are always more and more covered by the Italian tricolor a symbol of quality and good taste.

For over twenty years Universal Marketing has been one of the key players in the creation of the Italian Pavilion. In their field they are leaders in almost all continents but most certainly the United States is the biggest point of referral.

As of a few weeks ago President Donato Cinelli joined the board of the International Task Force Committee created by the Specialty Food Association. It is the most important International organization in the food and beverage industry with the clear task of defining the guidelines of the international fair system of the third millennium. Donato Cinelli, President of Universal Marketing declares that we are at a turning point for the international fair system. Many Italian companies are putting their trust in Universal Marketing to find international exhibitions that are best suited to their needs. The main areas in which we are specialized are the agri-food sector, hospitality, hotel and catering equipment, home textiles, gifts, jewelry, furniture and decor, fashion, tourism, garden and outdoors, up to housing and various other sectors. We organize the participation of over 1,500 companies each year in some key sectors of Made In Italy.

Our goal is to create the greatest possible synergy between our Italian companies and the international fairs we represent.

We deal with all stages of participation- continues Cinelli- selection and booking of exhibition spaces, transportation, logistics, all-inclusive packages, hostesses, interpreters, travel booking, meetings and conferences, media relations, communication and networking.

Today the United States truly represents the ideal place for the great value it gives Italian companies. Our made in Italy is an integral part of the culture of beauty that Americans seek. We see it in our commitment to the USA where from several decades ago to today we are present in cultural events such as Fancy Food, ICFF/HOMI, BDNY, HX – The Hotel Experience, EDIT, MRket.

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