April 30 to May 2, this is the 2019 edition of Canada’s biggest and most important food trade show

This year’s 2019 SIAL in Toronto is special, as Italy is named the Honour Country at one of the most important food trade shows in the world.

Italy will be at the show with 38 companies in a space of 350 sq.m.

Italian food has represented a standard of excellence in Canada for many years

North American consumers are very sensitive to the genuine nature, exceptional taste and high quality of Italian food products. They are drawn to the uniqueness and culture of the cuisine

Canada is a country with solid economic, financial bases and a substantial industrial base.

Its stability along with an appreciation for Italian products and its policy of openness to international trade make Canada a country of definite interest to Italian companies that want to develop their exports or establish themselves in order to internationalize their production presence.

Furthermore, the recent trade agreement between the European Union and Canada—CETA—with its clear and transparent regulations, will provide greater opportunities to businesses and will have an increasingly positive impact on the entry of our products.

Beyond eliminating import duties in Canada, CETA protects 41 Italian designations, equal to more than 90% of all Italian food exports in Canada.

“Eating Italian is not only synonymous with quality and excellence, it is actually a lifestyle,” states the Ambassador of Italy in Canada Claudio Taffuri, “a style that is well known and appreciated all over the world, such as, for example, the Mediterranean Diet, recognized as a cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2010. Italian quality is the product of history, tradition, commitment, professionalism and entrepreneurial skill. I am especially pleased that,” Taffuri concludes, “at this year’s SIAL Canada, the role of ‘Honour Country’ was assigned to Italy. This shows the widespread appreciation for our agro-industrial sector, able to demonstrate and export its high level of quality.”

“At this year’s SIAL Canada 2019, Italy is the main attraction in its role as the featured country among the 50 participating countries,” states Director of ICE Canada Matteo Picariello.

“In the last 10 years, imports in the Italian food industry in Canada have recorded a rate of increase of 213%. Today Italy is classified as one of the five main suppliers in the world and is the top European supplier in Canada.

“We take this opportunity to share with the visitors at SIAL Canada 2019,” Picariello concludes, “the pride in our traditions and our culture in our genuine products, which are true ambassadors.”

“This year’s SIAL Canada, SIAL 2019 in Toronto, will include Italian companies that are even more determined to establish themselves in the North American market,” states declares Donato Cinelli, Managing Director of Universal Marketing, the exclusive agent for Italy in the SIAL Group.

“Italy is the star of the food and wine market in North America, Cinelli concludes, “and this can be seen by the fact that, in our 15 years of organizing the collectives within SIAL, requests by Italian companies to take part in our collectives have continually increased.”

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