You recognize at first glance Italian-Americans. They have their eyes fierce, deep, bright, cheerful, nostalgic, careful, determined, sweet and full of desire to communicate their Italianity.

Every day they are on alert to the facts and the Italian news, to their national football team and their favorite team.

The manager and the worker, the artist and the doctor, they all are united under a common denominator being Italian in the heart and head.

If it ‘s true that America has done so much for the Italians in the boom years of immigration,  it is also  true that it must be recognized that these Italians have seasoned and spiced economy and culture made in Use with their creativity from the beginning of the twentieth century.

They hold prominent roles at the center of economic, scientific and cultural politics of their new country and, in some cases, they even gave their lives for their new home.

They are the Italians, the men and women who have colored Italian flag with stars and stripes!

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