For the second consecutive year, the magic of Las Vegas, and the exceptional location of the Las Vegas Convention Center, will be the “winter home” for Fancy Food, North America’s biggest and more important food and beverage show. This will be the 48th edition of this Winter show.

Italy’s excellence will come to life in the traditional Italian Pavilion, once again the largest exhibition space in the entire show’s international area, 97 stands and 70 exhibiting companies.

The Italian Pavilion will, as always, present the entire range of Made in Italy food and agriculture products under the umbrella of the distinctive banner, “The Extraordinary Italian Taste.”

There will be plenty of new items and attractions; one of these is TASTE IT LIVE where Italy will coordinate promotional activities and showcooking on the first and second day of the food show.

The Italian companies will be a dedicated area, with a strong visual impact created by a structure featuring colors and images of Italy recalling the quality of the products on display.

The traditional Lounge organized by ICE (the Italian Trade Agency), created in a highly central area within the Italian Pavilion, will once again present a special location dedicated to the ITALIAN APERITIF. In addition, all visitors will be able to enjoy an experience in pure Italian style through the areas dedicated to typical products from the great Made in Italy tradition: salamis, cheeses, coffee and wine.

Based on information from the ICE Agency in New York and according to data from the US Department of Commerce regarding the period of January to September 2022, US’s overall trade with the rest of the world, during the period in question, recorded an increase, + 19.8%, as compared to the same period last year, continuing the steady recovery of US foreign trade seen in 2021.

The recovery of US trade with the European Union (+18.8%) continued, having begun in the second half of 2021, and trade with the NAFTA area has also continued to record a sharp increase (+22.6%).
The progress of US-Italy trade, +16.9%, continues to reinforce the strong increase previous reported in 2021.

According to ISTAT data, only available for the period of January-August 2022 at the time that this analysis was being done, Italy-US trade in August recorded an increase of +20.9%. The United States remains Italy’s third partner country.

Italy recorded an increase (+12.7%), held 11th place among the US’s main supplier countries and maintained its market share at 2.1%.

In the same period of January-September 2022, the United States recorded an increase (+28.8%) in export to Italy, but Italy, at this point of the year, reached a balance in favor of nearly 30 billion dollars.

Regarding the sector progress of US imports from Italy, in September 2022 all the Made in Italy sectors continued to record increases, with food and agriculture products and beverages increasing +11.2%.

I can’t wait to visit the Italian Pavilion at the next Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas,” said Bill Lynch, President of the Specialty Food Association.

This 2023 edition will be even more international, with exhibitors coming from throughout the European Union, Japan, India and practically the entire world, able to satisfy the demands of the many visitors and trade professionals from the main food and wine channels.

Thanks once again,” Lynch continues, “to Universal Marketing, our exclusive agent and organizer of the Italian Pavilion and to ICE in New York, institutional partner, for having organized, again this year, the great Italian Pavilion, always one of the most popular pavilions at our Show, as it offers a mix of tradition and innovation in exhibiting its products.”

After the difficult pandemic period and last year’s encouraging edition, we return to Las Vegas in full force, with far more Italian companies hosted in an exhibition space increased by 50%. – declares Antonino Laspina, director of the ICE Agency in New York and coordinator of the USA network -Italian producers participate at the Fancy Food Shows aware of the high degree of attention from American operators who see the Italian Pavilion as the essential point for tasting new products and negotiating the possibilities of collaboration. Our Lounge will be the meeting place for companies, American operators but also visitors who will appreciate an Italian cocktail, a slice of authentic Italian prosciutto or cheese, or an espresso or a glass of wine. We are happy – concludes Antonino Laspina – to welcome America, indeed the world, and let everyone taste the goodness of our country.

We are truly happy to be back in Las Vegas!” declared Donato Cinelli, President of Universal Marketing, exclusive agent for Italy of the Specialty Food Association, “After last year’s great success, the many Italian companies in the Italian Pavilion will have an even more central and high-performing space,” Cinelli continued, “demonstrating, now more than ever, how important and strategic this trade show is.

There will be plenty of new items and pleasant surprises for exhibitors and visitors at this 48th edition of the show.

First of all, many more areas dedicated to live testing, showcooking and educational events, a true experiential tour,” concluded Cinelli. “As Universal Marketing, we can’t wait to once again give the greatest prominence and visibility to the great Italian food and agriculture sector, which continues to be a leader in the United States.

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