Brunello Cucinelli receives the “GQ Designer of The Year 2023” award in China

Puyuan (Shanghai) December 8, 2023 – Yesterday evening in Puyuan, a well-known tourist destination and important manufacturing district for knitwear in the province of Zhejiang, Brunello Cucinelli received the prestigious “Designer of the Year” award assigned by the Chinese edition of the famous men’s fashion magazine GQ China. 

Brunello Cucinelli was received the award from well-known Chinese model He Cong and from Roger Lynch, Global Chief Executive Officer of Condé Nast, for having distinguished himself as a creator of fashion and lifestyle trends.

In 2023, after starting this beautiful year in March with the prestigious Neiman Marcus Fashion Award received in Paris, Brunello Cucinelli has obtained another impressive recognition for the values of fine craftsmanship and the dignity of manual workmanship, in the name of Italian ingenuity and the values of Human Sustainability and Humanistic Capitalism.

The day before the ceremony, Brunello Cucinelli was the featured guest of a Forum attended by jet-setting celebrities and social media professionals from China. The designer from Solomeo discussed the great themes of balancing profit and giving back, having respect for Creation, and achieving a balance between work time and private time dedicated to loved ones and one’s passions. 

Brunello Cucinelli said: “I want to warmly thank all the GQ team, starting with Roger Lynch, Will Welch, Gill Zhou and Rocco Liu. The past two years have been very special for our Fashion House, illuminated by exciting events such as the invitation to speak to world leaders at the G20 dedicated to climate problems and by illustrious awards such as the one received in London from British GQ in 2021 and the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award received in Paris last March. But I am truly touched by this wonderful award from GQ China magazine, because it honors me as a “creator of fashion and lifestyle trends” and comes from a country for which I have great respect. I dedicate this award to the young people of this world and tell them: Please, be the guardians of Creation!  Don’t turn your back on poverty, find the right balance between life and work and between mind, soul and body. Don’t spend too much time online because it could steal the soul that Creation has given us. And as my father always told me, I urge you to be good people, balancing profit and giving back. Smile at life! When your soul is heavy, when something doesn’t work for you, when someone humiliates you, go outside and gaze at the sky and stars and everything will be fine. 

An ancient Chinese proverb from 2500 years ago tells us: ‘If you want a year’s harvest, grow rice; if you want a ten-year harvest, plant an apple tree; but if you want a result lasting one hundred years, educate humanity.’ I have always followed these words.” 

Rocco Liu, Editor-in-Chief of GQ China, shares what Brunello said about Human Sustainability: “This reminds us once again that for a media like us, we must not only focus on progress in technology and artificial intelligence, but we still have many day-to-day things to do and improve.” 

“Brunello’s conclusion was very moving,” adds Rocco Liu, “He said that we must be the guardians of Creation, because we are all passengers: our life is short, but we can always live with joy and work with passion.”

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