Travel & Adventure Show – Javits Convention Center New York
January 27-28, 2024

NEW YORK – Calabria takes center stage in the Big Apple at the prestigious Travel & Adventure Show, which will get under way on January 27 at the Javits Convention Center in New York, with Calabria as the only institutional presence representing Italy. The brand “Extraordinary Calabria” will share the region’s tourism, food and wine, and cultural offerings with the world in a specially designated space, set up with a full representation of Calabrian companies. The exhibition spaces will be enhanced by a cooking show station and a cocktail station, with chefs and bartenders recounting the uniquely excellent quality of Made in Calabria products through their dishes and preparations.

On the first day of the event, on January 27, from 5-6PM, within the show “Calabria Happy Hour,” a cocktail dedicated to media professionals and stakeholders will be presented in order to share Calabria’s excellent products and demonstrate their versatility in the art of mixology. This participation in the Travel & Adventure Show in New York, a reference point for more than 2.5 million travelers, was promoted and organized by the Department of Tourism of the Region of Calabria. Calabria, with its unique offerings, fully embraces the continuously growing trend in adventure travel, responding to an increasing demand for trips, during the shoulder season, for groups and individuals who are seeking adventure as personal enrichment and itineraries that are unique, off the beaten path and on roads less traveled. An “Extraordinary Calabria,” which aims to surpass the usual scenic-tourist clichés of travel literature, is a new, experimental model for planning and strengthening tourist appeal for the area, achieved through telling the story of an exciting and unexplored Calabria.

Calabria is ready to tell the world about its authenticity and the great potential it holds,” states the President of the Region, Roberto Occhiuto, “a Calabria that has so much to offer and that is responding fully to the new, post-pandemic tourism demand, to the search for healthful locales, uncrowded places, unforgettable experiences and unique, special destinations. Thanks also to transportation policies and the new national and international connections, with different airline routes, we want to make our region soar by developing and increasing tourism, also through relaunching the Calabrian airport system. A long process, to which we will devote all our energy, in order to make Calabria and Calabrian tourism soar even higher.”

Now in its 20th year, the Travel & Adventure Show is the most important tourism and travel event in the United States. In its more than 19 years of history and over 118 events, the Travel & Adventure Shows have brought more than 15,000 travel consultants and thousands of media professionals in the industry into contact with exhibiting companies from all over the world, who have influenced the market with a revenue of more than 6 million dollars for travel reservations and adventures.

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