After Miami (the first stop last December during World Art Week), followed in January by Dallas and NYC (the most promising geographic areas for residential investments in the U.S.), the Salone del Mobile.Milano continues the Road to Salone 2024 in the States with two more strategic dates to announce and promote the trade fair, which will take place in Milan on April 16-21,2024.

And it does so while sharing that 2023 ended with another record in Italian sales in the U.S. of genuine products: with a total of 73 billion USD, this is another +5% over 2022 (which was 69 billion) but above all, it is + 19% over 2021, the first post-pandemic year of full production. Furniture and construction take part in this result with more than 3.6 billion USD (Us Customs dic 2023). First in Las Vegas, on February 20, and then in Chicago on the 22nd of the same month, the top brass of the Salone del Mobile.Milano and the Italian Trade Agency Miami, the office responsible for the design industry in the U.S. – which has co-established and coordinated the Salone’s mission in the United States –, in collaboration with the major American associations of architects, designers and builders, have created meeting opportunities dedicated to presenting the 62nd edition of the trade fair.

On February 20, the trade fair was presented in Las Vegas, in collaboration with the American Institute of Architects – Las Vegas and Nevada, at Sphere, a next-generation entertainment medium powered by cutting edge technologies that create extraordinary experiences.

Nevada is also the U.S. state that garnered the biggest media and communication attention thanks to the Super Bowl (with more than 2 billion viewers, which aired on 2/11), the Formula 1 GP (which took place last November for the first time), not to mention the residential investments for new casinos, new hotels and digital sports stadiums.

On February 22, Chicago once again scheduled a conference for the trade fair, co-organized with AIA Chicago, with the participation of General Manager Marco Sabetta and Marketing & Communication Director Luca Adornato, and with the prestigious presence of architect Qiyao Li, AIA, Associate Principal of Skidmore, Owens & Merryll, In the top 20 top architectural firms in the world, responsible for the carbon free project of the Milan Olympic Village of the XXV Winter Olympic Games Milan Cortina 2026.

The presentation with the Lakes area trade highlighted the double value of what the trade fair has to offer: its strictly commercial value with the presence of almost 1,900 brands, as well as the trade show value, for its path of evolution and metamorphosis.

The stop in Chicago is practically compulsory, seeing as though Illinois (along with Florida) is the U.S. state that doubled its purchases of genuine Made in Italy products over the last 3 years (nearly 4 billion), increasing (again with Florida) percentage-wise more than 12% on an annual basis and double the U.S. average (6%).

The meeting with SOM was an exclusive event on the subject of sustainability and urban renewal and it accompanies and supports the trade the Salone in its continuous path of evolution, from developing the show’s layout to the resulting trade show experience.

Carlo Angelo Bocchi, Italian Trade Commissioner Miami “The new presentations of the Salone in smaller U.S. cities (4 cities this year apart from NYC), in a new record year for our sales of national products, have been intended as part of the post-pandemic strategy to nourish the awareness of authentic Italian design in areas with the greatest growth in purchases, new residential developments and with the taste and choice of quality products which are trendy, innovative and sustainable. All qualities which are present in the Italian areas of furniture, decor, lighting, kitchen and bath, construction and building materials and where the Salone – which represents all of these in a value-base way –  as always feeds the American passion for architectural offices, designers, builders and engineering companies for an Italian production that is viewed not only as unique and current, but also increasingly innovative and conscious of green solutions in the area of sustainability and circular economy.” 

Marco Sabetta, General Manager of the Salone del Mobile.Milano“We are very pleased with this fourth and fifth stop in the Road to Salone 2024, because these clearly attest – thanks to the numerous and thoughtful presence of architects, designers and press at the meetings in Las Vegas and Chicago – to the strong interest in high-quality Italian furnishings. Furthermore, it is a confirmation that the U.S. is a large growing market and, as a result, it has a strong potential for exhibiting companies at the Salone. The American influential creative basin is, in fact, made up of countless renowned architecture and design firms, which are part of many of the major real estate, contract and residential projects from all over the world. These meetings, which presented the many new features of the upcoming Salone del Mobile.Milano – from the new layout to the two large installations (by David Lynch and by Emiliano Ponzi, Accurat and Design Group Italia), to the schedule of Talks and Round Tables, to the project on Food Design and the show on 25 years of SaloneSatellite – have been able to arouse several stakeholders’ interest and curiosity in this 62nd edition, which will take place on April 16 to 21 at Fiera Milano, Rho.” 

Luca Adornato, Director of Marketing and Communication of the Salone del Mobile.Milano: “It is truly a pleasure to be able to have been and to continue to be in the United States, a country that is reconfirmed as a user of the highest value for the Salone brand, with the presence of 6,059 industry professionals attending the 2023 show, putting the U.S. in 5th place out of the 181 countries of origin. Of equal importance is its contribution to the export of Made in Italy furnishings, putting it in 2nd place in both 2022 and 2023. The American design community, specifically, responded with marked enthusiasm in social media, always ranking as one of the first 5 countries in numbers of followers. No less, there is also the Salone’s digital platform, where American visitors increased by 73% compared to 2022, recording +66% in terms of sessions. Multichannel planning was also extensive, touching the major vertical publications as well as all the digital touch points on the continent.”

The Salone – fortified by strong roots in the Italian culture of doing business and “bel disegno” – is, in fact, a global catalytic force, as the figures from the 2023 show attest:  34% of exhibitors come from 37 foreign countries550 young designers from SaloneSatellite from 31 countries and 28 design schools and universities from 18 countries. And further still: 65% of buyers and industry professionals come from 181 countries. Of the more than 5,000 accredited media members present in the last edition, 47% came from abroad.

The meetings in Miami, Dallas, New York along with these last two in Las Vegas and Chicago coordinated by the ITA – Italian Trade Agency with the technical partnership of the individual geographic sections of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), have brought to the U.S. the information and culture of the Salone, an inspiring force for creative and professional relations, which continue to strengthen over time. These meetings represented a unique opportunity for the Salone to promote all its initiatives and to share the first pieces of information about the new format and the content of the 62nd edition of the trade show.

For further information on the initiatives of the upcoming Salone del Mobile.Milano see the attached link

In the photo:
Carlo Angelo Bocchi, Italian Trade Commissioner Miami – Luca Adornato, Director of Marketing and Communication of the Salone del Mobile.Milano
Qiyao Li, AlA Associate Principal Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM) – Marco Sabetta, General Manager of the Salone del Mobile.Milano

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