ARIDO first launched their collection at the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo Japan in December 2010; this was followed by New York Fashion week then the Oscars. Needless to say Creative Director and CEO Thomas Chappell doesn’t stay in one place for long. Travelling between his home in Hawaii and office in New York one week, then to Japan and China the next, not to mention editorials in media including Vogue, it is easy to see why the brand has taken off in just 3 short years. As a successful fashion designer and international stylist, Thomas has been turning heads for the past 25 years, gracing the red carpets of the Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Golden Globes, it is safe to say that if there is a red carpet somewhere, Thomas will be there dressing stars the likes of Kelsey Scott of Oscar-winning 12 Years A Slave, and Anna Gun from HBO’s Breaking Bad. ARIDO’s lapidary, Jesse Raphael, sources only the finest precious and semi-precious stones, the value of which lies not only in the stone and metals but in the craftsmanship. The jewelry is inspired by travel, art, nature and music with the collection consisting of 18K white and yellow gold with a mixture of gems such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls, and jade. ARIDO began crafting in jade after their initial tour of China, the jade earrings worn by Kelsey Scott at the 2014 Golden Globes were actually inspired by Thomas Chappell’s visit to the picturesque West Lake in Hangzhou. The fine quality jewels juxtaposed with bohemian designs set ARIDO apart from other luxury jewellers; the caliber of the pieces, the by appointment only viewings, and price tags reaching into the hundreds of thousands place ARIDO firmly in the realm of luxury, but it is a wearable luxury, a conversation piece, not because of the price but because of the story behind it. Going into their seventh year, Thomas and Jesse will be focusing their attention on expanding their overseas market and working closely on promotional campaigns with their existing A list clientele.

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