Pure music

Two years ago when I assumed my posting as Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in London I decided that music would become the main staple of my programming as one of the art forms that touches most people, while strongly representing Italian culture and identity..

I promptly realized that, perhaps, language could be one of the main barriers in getting Italian songs across to the 54 million people living in England and Wales. So, I devised a series dedicated to “New Italian Instrumental Music”. Therefore, pure music not being bound by words and subjective meanings could transmit pure emotions and have more impact on the public and the music industry. Artists like Luciana Bigazzi, Maurizio Colonna, Benito Madonia, Umberto Sangiovanni, Ludovico Einaudi, Giovanni Allevi and Riccardo Zappa helped the Institute to flourish, furthering the popularity of Italian music and style.

Incidentally, inside the “New Italian Instrumental Music” sets a more identified and specialized cluster of Jazz musicians formed. I suppose it happened because of the popularity of the genre and the extremely high caliber of the Italian musicians performing for the Institute, such as Francesco Cafiso, Dino Rubino, Giuliano Perin and Antonio Forcione.

It only seems the next logical step organizing the “Jazz Party” with Gianluca Pellerito on 27th January 2011. Gianluca is such an incredibly talented young artist and we want to be among the first to present him to the British connoisseurs. His studies began when he was only four years old and later trained at the prestigious Berkley College of Music. Undoubtedly a bright future is ahead of him, and despite being only a teen he has already played with the most important jazz musicians in the world.

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