Flavio Vicari

It was the photography to find me: it has caught me by surprise, it has proved to be the ideal medium to express myself and, little by little, she has swallowed all my time. A faithful companion through landscapes new and unexplored, a light on my wishes and aspirations. I call “experimental experiments” the expression of my feelings, made through the light and especially by its opposite, darkness, punch and hammer by which my intention becomes suggestion. I turn off the lights and sketch out the subjects of feelings and fantasies through their own forms and colors.

Flavio Vicari was born in Palermo in 1984, he approached the world of professional photography when he was very young, even before he had completed his studies in graphic design. After several collaborations in various advertising agencies and photographic studios, he imposed himself to the attention of the public as an organizer and executive director of exhibitions and events. His photos have enjoyed great success abroad.

His technique is called light-painting, that is “painting with light”; in this case, using a led torch in a dark room, the contours of the subjects to represent are outlined by contrast.

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