Secolo Ventuno "Free men, free enterprise"

A wind of renewal is blowing among small and middle Sicilian companies that claim a leading role in the Sicily’s revival. They are ready to make themselves heard even beyond the Strait, from Rome, in the government and institutions buildings. They don’t belong to any political alignment, they don’t depend on the choices of the Capital’s bases, they don’t support anyone. What really matter to them are concrete facts and choices.

Secolo Ventuno, “Free men, free enterprise”, is now a strengthened reality. Secolo Ventuno is the Sicilian Enterprises Association. It’s composed of more than 300 Sicilian, company-owners, entrepreneurs, who place the company’s value and the comparison with the market first.

Maurizio Scaglione – entrepreneur and manager, owner of several companies in Italy and abroad, president of the Industry Committee of the Sicilian region – is the founder and president of this association. He sits at the tables that matters for the Economy and Finance in Sicily. “ When we started this adventure, someone predicted that we would have lasted a few months, maybe a year” says Maurizio Scaglione, “If Secolo Ventun still exist, even more representative and stronger, it’s thanks to all the associates that believed in this project, those in particular who spent time and resources to let it grow.

Nowadays Secolo Ventuno is placed in Palermo at the 10th floor of the Chamber of Commerce, in the heart of the enterprises’ house, in Trapani, Messina, Catania and Agrigento.

«From the beginning, our bet was to shift gear in the way of ruling an enterprise in Sicily, starting from the relationship with politics and institutions. This relationship is no more subordinate, as it was for a long time, but persisting and proactive, in obedience to the different roles and in the awareness that who works hard in this Region has the right to claim – not to beg for – efficiency and reliability from who is in government. We can already state that we won our bet. Nevertheless, it’s not time for self-congratulations. Now it’s time for us to be protagonist in a big change. The renewal of the political class is just around the corner. The time has come for the old solons, those who have been seating on the political benches and deciding for us for years. We have to take out of us the Sicilian pride by nominating and voting people who cares about the destiny of the Sicilian enterprises, particularly those whose name is not on the newspaper when they are in crisis or close down. The time has come also for the old burocracy which has now become an insurmountable wall for entrepreneurs. Let’s get easy and immediate procedures started in order to undertake and run a business. Who runs a business in Sicily is a sort of hero and needs to cuddled, instead of being hindered and tired out. Welcome foreign entrepreneurs and capitals! Let’s work together! Inside Secolo Ventuno there is department that deals with enterprises which are willing to outsource in Sicily, by giving all the support needed and finding qualified and transparent partners. Finally, no middle way or compromise in the struggle against the Mafia or all the illegalities that only create desert and death. It’s time for all the Sicilian entrepreneurs to work together, regardless of the different acronyms and affiliations , going past divisions and rivalities, so that the enterprise will become an authentic reference point for citizens in a Region that is called on supporting – more that  others – the challenged derived from an unfavourable and hazardous situation. We can make it with the ideas, hard work and stubbornness of each one of us».

Maurizio Scaglione

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