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Poker d'assi al Blue Note


At the Blue Note, an internationally known jazz hot spot in Milan – city of the “Made in Italy” – concept something special went down on the evening of Thursday, January 19th. The British band Incognito, seen as the founder of the acid jazz genre and one of the best funk and soul bands of black music of all time in general, and its bandleader Bluey Maunick – not to mention a warm public comprised of those who never miss the really cool events, the Milanese received two special guests: Mario Biondi, the hot voice of international soul music, and the young jazz drummer of international renown, Gianluca Pellerito. As Bluey Maunick calls them, “my Italian brothers”. This comes as no surprise since both Mario Biondi, who for years has been one of the most qualified professionals of this genre the world over, and seventeen-year-old Gianluca Pellerito, drummer who in the last few years has become one of the most followed and renowned Italian jazz musicians in the world, have gone from being the British band’s fans to fellow musicians and friends of the group and especially of its bandleader. As we said, the two are “brothers” to Bluey Maunick – two exciting and moving special guests with whom he plays together, and takes turns enjoying, an extraordinary performance at the Blue Note. Mario Biondi sings  and literally lives “London Town”, the song in which he sang a solo for Incognito’s last album of unpublished works named “Transatlantic R.P.M.”. Gianluca Pellerito makes the adrenaline shoot sky high on the stage and in the audience with a “Talkin’ Loud” that bursts with energy, smiles and groove. It was a party dedicated to music and to the Blue Note’s audience that had a great time and that, once again, enjoyed the type of unique show that only the Blue Note knows how to pull off. «My dreams came true again – said Gianluca Pellerito, who had already offered up “Funky Jazz Night” with Incognito in the summer of 2011 – playing with Bluey and the Incognito is the best thing ever», said the young Italian talent in closing. Mario Biondi, with a performance that was outstanding as usual, created moments of great pathos true to his name as one of the most “American” of the Italians, a reputation earned many years ago and performed a duet with Vanessa Haynes, the fantastic singer of the British band that evoked a feeling that only  a typically “black” type of empathy can conjure up. Yet once again, the Blue Note’s magic conquered all; a cold January night morphed into a hot music party. In fact, New Yorkers hit it right on the spot when they call the Blue Note the “Magic Place”.

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