Stefano Domenicali

In the beautiful territory of Emilia, a few kilometres far from Modena, in the heart of Italy’s richest triangle, where products are genuine cultural and economic riches, in a land respected and almost adored by its people, who are aware and appreciative of its gifts, there, lies a little typical Emilian town, a sincere, energetic and active place as many other in that area; but this small town of the Modena Apennines, has an absolute peculiarity, it is the most popular 17.000-inhabitant town in the world, Maranello. Exactly Maranello, Emilian as well as Swiss, Italian as well as American, genuine, snobbish and refined; a place where the silence is suddenly broken by the melodious bass notes of a chrome tenor that fills the air and rumbles in the surrounding mountains, as the roar of a lion in the savannah, where along the street of the industrial area you can meet “the men in red suit”, looking concentrated, proud and determined, in their armour of a colour universally known as “Red Ferrari”. Since 1943, Ferrari is the feather in the cap of this small town. Ferrari, that a few weeks ago won its biggest race ever, the competition as the most famous and popular brand in the world. A tough contest that saw it excelling for the first time and pass the chequered flag against the legendary Coca Cola brand, and considering that the overtaking has occurred in a very difficult curve full of pitfalls named 2012, the taste of victory is even sweeter, really an unprecedented record. The most important brand in the world is named Ferrari, it’s named ITALY! So, Benvenuta Italia wanted to meet the Team Principal of Ferrari, Stefano Domenicali: a man with a personal story similar to Ferrari, made of dreams, goals and victories. As a child, he dreamed to be a Ferrari man and he became a Ferrari man, growing in the company and reaching the summit of the sports division of the house of Maranello. Born in Imola, 48 years old, he has a bachelor’s degree in economics and a career in Ferrari.

Dr. Domenicali, what is it like to be a world famous brand like Ferrari?

«A huge responsibility, for two reasons: the first as manager of a top business, the emblem of industry and Italian style in the world, for its history, capacity and dedication, started with our founder, Enzo Ferrari, then pursued and continued by Dr. Montezemolo. There is a common thread that binds all of us in Ferrari: since its foundation, Ferrari followed a style that is the “Ferrari Style”, a standard of living and quality that makes our product unique for its authenticity, simplicity and factuality. That’s why we are proud to represent Italian excellence in the world. The second reason is that I was born in Imola, along with the red Ferrari and this has marked my life. So, according to me responsibility goes beyond the professional one, it is a territorial responsibility, it is a matter of membership».

To whom have you dedicated your top position as number one in the sports sector of Ferrari?

«I’m very close to my entire family, my parents, my wife, my children, but I have no doubt in saying that on that day I dedicated my achievement to my father. He followed my dream step by step, from the degree in economics at the University of Bologna, to the submission of my C.V. to Ferrari. As a young graduate, my dream was to get in the company that I had always dreamed of; I had the privilege to grow up in this, as my first job, from the administrative sector to human resources, as the right-hand man of Jean Todt and then as Team Principal».

A whole career at Ferrari, but as a child what did Stefano Domenicali dream of doing?

«I think that if I had not fulfilled my dream in Ferrari, I would have devoted myself to aviation, a field I am fond of».

How do you imagine the Ferrari brand in 30 years!

«With the same characteristics as at its birth: the cornerstones of authenticity, efficiency and style. Enzo Ferrari has taught us. Of course I think of a Ferrari always focused on the evolution of society and of the world. Ferrari has supporters and admirers all over the continents. We must be able to listen to their passions and their emotions and change them into products and victories».

One more question, do you like the new Formula One creature?

«I like it is a “tractable” machine. According to the technical jargon, a tractable car is one that responds to the requests for the corrections pilots suggest during tests and trial runs. We are very confident: we are Ferrari!».

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