Muscoli e Cuore

When it comes to Italian excellence (in addition to Art, Design and Cuisine), the Italian engines have a great importance. Alongside brands such as Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini,  the Ducati Motors deserves  a special place as one of the most popular brands of motorcycles in the world. The history of Ducati combines passion, determination and the pursuit of  top quality. The Ducati company was established in Bologna Borgo Panigale, as a company which produces radio components.  However, at the end of the Second World War Ducati productions reached a turning point. Although the Ducati factory has been razed and bombarded, the Cavalieri Ducati brothers managed to rebuilt the factory and added the “Cucciolo” (Puppy) to their production line. The “Cucciolo” was considered as an auxiliary engine for bicycles, to make it possible for everyone to have a motorized vehicle. The following step was to build motorcycles. During the 50s, the Ducati brand had his debut performance in the motorcycle races, which was a great success. This great sporting achievements made the Ducati brand to be considered as a legendary brand as it is today. Throughout its history, the Ducati brand didn’t change its strong values. The passion of creating powerful engines, the attention to details and the importance of a good design, all values that made the Ducati brand a lovable one worldwide, and especially in the United States. In the last few years the Ducati brand has gone through the hands of foreign groups (now it’s part of the German Audi) and despite these changes, the brand kept its Italian soul and identity. If you visit the Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale, you should visit the Ducati museum and see the historical models of the Ducati motorcycles, including the Moto GP, that Casey Stoner, the World Champion used to bike. When you visit the production line, you will notice the skilled Italian workers (wearing red jersey) that assemble the engines carefully piece by piece and build the bike around the engine. Same with the building of the new Diavel (which means devil in Bolognese dialect) which has a 162cv propeller that provides power and drivability and a mighty chassis, which is designed to be comfortable. A mix of Muscles and Heart.

by Peter Zullo

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