Modena: where the "culture of taste" lives

The PDO and PGI products of the province of Modena collected in Modena Pleasure Consortium. The Padan valley shelters a little precious jewel, not only for its architectural, cultural and sportive riches – let’s remember Ferrari and Maserati, which are in this territory – but above all for its gastronomic and food tradition. Among the Italian provinces, Modena is the richest in denomination of origin products, PDO and PGI. It is enough to think of the nationwide and international fame of products of excellence such as, the balsamic vinegar of Modena, the Lambrusco and the Reggiano Parmesan , as well as, the stuffed pig’s trotter and pork sausage (Zampone and Cotechino), or the ham and the sour black cherry jam (Amarene Brusche Jam) from Modena; these, together with other products, offer an attractive and enjoyable variety to our palate. A set of succulence and culture that includes enjoying delicious food at well known 3-star restaurants  or at simple traditional ones  where the products of this territory are set off for the good cooking’s sake.  It is here that Modena Pleasure has been set up by Palatipico srl, a project aiming to accentuate the value of the territory, through those PDO and PGI products. These latter show a unique story of traditions and tastes, telling how they are produced, finished, transformed and packaged, revealing the characteristics and peculiarities that make them different from standard products. As an expression of the worldwide excellence from Modena, which includes its traditional food and friendly welcome, Modena Pleasure stands for the pleasure of being in good company, the conviviality and the taste of this territory together with the attractive welcome of this land. This brand gathers all the main protection and promotion consortia representing the food and agriculture productions of  PDO and PGI in the territory, the Modena restaurants consortium, called “Modena at the table”, the tourist incoming of Modenatour, the training and certification body Artest. It is with the decisive support of the Food and Agricolture Fundation from Modena, which encourages the development of this sector – thanks also to the chamber of Commerce of Modena and the protection Consortia – that Modena Pleasure sponsors the territory on the national and international  scale, promoting the local products and assuring, at the same time,  the highest quality. Its final aims are strengthening the positive development trend of the agricultural sector linked to the transformation enterprises in the province. It also aims to develop the economical and occupational field, qualify and set off the touristic reception and incoming combining the already existing structures, as well as, all the traditional products and the culture of the territory belonging to the community of Modena. Modena has been able to increase its food and agriculture products, which are not easy to reproduce out of this area, and let them reach fame, notwithstanding the risk of forgery that often menaces them.

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