by Giovanni Pellerito




Technique, Perspective, Vision and Harmony, characteristics that have made great the Italian Renaissance and continue to make our country great thanks to the ingenious interpretative capacity of an Italian athlete that on a Friday of September in New York has upset the rules of the game! Roberta Vinci, Italian Roger Federer interprets a sport such as tennis, in the pure Renaissance Style, challenging in a semifinal, from result almost granted the World’s number one player Serena Williams. Everything was ready for Serena, the festivities for the Grand Slam at home in New York, raising the cup of the US Open 2015 Edition, were already prepared. However, as in the Italian Renaissance, was born to pure case after 10 centuries of the middle ages, where almost everything was taken for granted, and nothing left presage, such a delivery of ingenuity, art and beauty, behold that Friday, September 11th, 2015, history repeats itself in the central of the US Open at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The Vigil
A Vigil quiet enough for Serena, too many reasons for not losing, win the Grand Slam first, too many certainties has always won with Roberta. A vigil quite nervous instead for Roberta, the awareness of being among the first four of a Grand Slam, the desire to continue a dream; a giant like Serena to beat in order to continue to dream. Anyone that knows anything about Roberta knows that in her sincere smile and spontaneity before an important match conceals a great desire to be impeccable, to give everything and not to reproach ourselves. Those who know her coach Francesco Cinà know that in his silence and in his gaze towards Roberta before each important match, it synthesizes all the work and all the sacrifices to reach the top in days like this one. A partnership between Roberta and Francesco that lasts 8 years and has brought Italian player from renaissance tennis, more times on top of the world ( number 1 on the world in doubles, winner in pairs with Sara Errani in all 4 Slams) number 11 in the world in singles and finalist of a Great Slam in singles. Eight years of strong bonding, intense fraternal and passionate, made with trust and subsidiarity.

The Match
The great masters of tennis always say: “If you want to win a match win the Fifth and the Seventh game”. Roberta Vinci, that sentence, in her long career, we have heard thousand of times: in the economy of the match these game are real spare water as if by magic are almost always decisive. Just figured in her first final of a Grand Slam and in the face of the world’s number one that Roberta Vinci recalls that phrase and there performs the “Masterpiece”. After losing the first set, begins the second one. Remaining virtually to her opponent, without hesitation but neat and precise, she wins the fifth game in the second set that leads her to the final set. The third set starts but goes 2-0 and she is unable to clip Williams. After the seventh game arrives and there Roberta begins to draw a unique trayectory, runs and draw, runs and caresses the ball. The audience at Arthur Ashe Stadium starts to understand that everything has changed, it is Roberta the Masterpiece on the field.

Post Game
Roberta does her unstained Masterpiece with her interview post game. From the title “Sorry Guys, but today is my Day!”. A real interview, a woman aware of having made an epic saga: in her smile and her genuineness all the art and the genious of the Italian Renaissance who was a Masterpiece, not knowing what it was going to be.

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