A project from the Pordenone-Udine Chamber of Commerce and PromoTurismoFVG, in collaboration with the regional Chambers of Commerce

From October 1 to 31, 2019, in Eataly stores in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, Flatiron, the regional food and wine of Friuli Venezia Giulia with take the stage, with its famous wines and excellent local products, such as Prosciutto di San Daniele and Montasio cheese, as well as its oil and sweets and other specialties to discover. An entire month in the most important shop display in the United States.

Within this context, the Pordenone-Udine Chamber of Commerce wanted to initiate a marketing plan for their territory, joining the brand notoriety of a banner product like tiramisù with the uniqueness of Carnia and the region as a whole. The project is conceived for a new promotion of the territory, tied to the high-quality product beloved the world over. In fact, partnering in the initiative is “Mirabilia Network” which promotes lesser known UNESCO sites and their surrounding territories internationally, and which contributes to highlighting the scenic beauty and the Italian historical heritage through the creation of promotional tools and services, fostering networks between companies.

Everything revolves around the recipe for tiramisù from Tolmezzo, given to us by Norma Pielli of Albergo Roma, which will be offered on Wednesday, October 9 at La Scuola at the Eataly in Chicago, in a special masterclass. Present at the event will be:

Sergio Emidio Bini, Counselor for Economic Affairs of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region;

Giovanni Da Pozzo, President of the Pordenone-Udine Chamber of Commerce and Promos Italia (Italian agency for internationalization)

Talking about the recipe and its history will be Daniele Macuglia, originally from Tolmezzo, and Visiting Research Fellow at the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society at the University of Chicago.

Having a representative like tiramisù to promote the territory is a great opportunity for us, but it is also a great responsibility,” states Giovanni Da Pozzo, President of the Pordenone-Udine Chamber of Commerce.

In the birthplace of communication and marketing like the U.S.,” Da Pozzo continues, “having a storytelling vehicle like tiramisù to explain all the industriousness and ability of our territory is truly an extra gear.”

Our job,” Presidente Da Pozzo concludes, “is to highlight to the utmost this competitive advantage that makes us unique.”

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