Benvenuta Italia

It’s the part of Italy who plays and amazes, who paints and creates. It’s the part of Italy who dreams, after all. From Bolzano to Palermo, there is a culture that survives passing time and overcomes obstacles. So: Benvenuta Italia. The world opens its doors to those who have changed history. Italy is everywhere with its tastes, its art, with revolutionary ideas and breathtaking landscapes. This is Italy we are presenting and that will astonish you. Again. With that imprinting by which our country has took an irregular shape and, perhaps because of it, is fascinating. Full of contradictions and therefore unique. Full of peaks and plains of the mainland and islands. Full of stories. Like that one about Gianluca Pellerito, an enfant prodige of drums and jazz, which for years has run the world with his drum sticks and his style. Or that about Marco Ambrosecchia, the artist-founder of Expansionism  that has contaminated the planet with his “theory of everything”. Or that about Gianni Li Muli, artist and humorist who can express his creativity in different worlds as advertising, theater, cinema and painting. Or that about Flavio Vicari, a photographer who, with his “experimental tests”, has put together darkness and light, awl and hammer with which intension becomes suggestion.
In this Italy, Sicily, both island and continent, is perhaps the most vital example. When it seems inert it is only because it is absorbing energy from new and crazy ideas that only after will find order and expression. From here we start, because only those who know their square metre can understand world.

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