Jazz my way!

For the first time, the talented Gianluca Pellerito, with his black curly hair and warm Sicilian personality, will meet the sophisticated audience of Italian Culture Istitute.
His upcoming event in Belgrave Square, London, is not to be missed!
Why do we stereotype jazz with in image of black musician from New Orleans? International Jazz can also come from orange blossoms and citruses of Sicily thanks to the brilliancy of Gianluca Pellerito who, at the age 17, has already captivated the attention of many critics and charmed his audiences with his refined sound and unique touch.
A newly released Cd where Pellerito plays with American drummer and composer Peter Erskine, Peruvian percussion master Alex Acuna and The Brass Group Foundation orchestra, coupled with several other successful international concerts, make this young musician one of the most interesting international jazz realty of the moment

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